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Victoria Falls Victoria falls prides itself as being one of the SEVEN NATURAL WONDERS OF THE WORLD. The sheer energy and power of the Zambezi River thundering 100 metres down a huge chasm is one of the most compelling sights in the world. A place of raw beauty and wonder, attracts people of all cultures and from all walks of life who are drawn to the majesty of this body of water.

Although Livingstone, when he arrived in the area, staked his claim on these awe inspiring falls by naming them after his queen, the place already had a name, granted by the Makololo.Their name for the falls? `Mosi Oa Tunya’,the smoke that Thunders. Forche travel offers highly trained guides able to provide you with an unforgettable experience no matter which one of our activities you may select.

'Africa is Yours To Save...' 'Volunteer Pre-Departure Information 2012


Dear Volunteer

Thank you for booking and offering your time and funds to come and volunteer with us. We hope you will enjoy your stay with us and everything thathas to offer.

Before your arrival:
Please send us an email attaching a filled in copy of:

  • The Volunteer Information Sheet
  • Travel Insurance Details
  • Filled in Medical Questionnaire

What to Expect on Arrival:
Airport: Victoria Falls Airport (VFA) Zimbabwe. 
Most flights from Europe will require you to fly via 
O.R. Tambo International Airport
 in Johannesburg. 
It is recommended that you collect your luggage in Johannesburg and re-check it for your connecting flight to Victoria Falls. There have been cases of luggage going missing during the connection, so this will try to ensure your luggage follows you safely!
O.R. Tambo is a very large International Airport but everything is well signed and there are plenty of information areas to help you find your way.
Should you choose to check your baggage all the way through to Victoria Falls, then you just need to follow the signs for ‘Transit’ to the next Departure Lounge. 
You will get a ‘transit’ stamp in your passport whist in Johannesburg.
During your flight to Victoria Falls, you will most likely be handed a Landing Card which you must fill in correctly in order to allow your entry into Zimbabwe.
Please state your Address of Stay as: ‘Teak Lodge’,581 Masuwie Road, Victoria Falls
Please also state that you are in Zimbabwe as a Volunteer with ‘Force Tours and Travel…’
When you arrive, you will be expected to pay for your visa entry into the country. 
Please note that these charges are subject to change so ensure you have enough funds to cover your fees.
Please ask for a Holiday Visa and make sure you are certain of your dates in the country. It is always better to ask for a visa a few days over your intended date of stay,  in case of any unforeseen circumstances that may arise and your travel be delayed. 

**Please ensure there is enough space in your passport for a Zimbabwean Visa as it will take up a whole page. Also please check that your Passport is valid for at least 6 months prior to your entry**

With most passports, you will be able to ask for a Double Entry Visa, should you wish to leave and enter the country once more during your stay. offers ease of travel into Livingstone, Zambia and Chobe National Park in Botswana, so a double entry visa is recommended to ensure that you won't have to pay another visa cost on your return into Zimbabwe.

You will be met at the airport by your Project Manager for the area and taken to your accommodation for a General Introduction to the Volunteer Program and an introduction to the Orphanage, our work and the children you will be working with.

Emails: africasave@rocketmail.com

Please do not hesitate to contact either of the above people should you have any questions about your stay, prior to your arrival.

Accomodation: In Victoria Falls, your accommodation is all inclusive.. You will be staying at 'Teak Lodge'.

All of your meals will be provided for you, but should you wish to have anything extra at hand for yourselves, there are a number of supermarkets in the area (Jay's Spar, TM, 7 to 11, Little Harrods).

These are affordable supermarkets and should cater to all your needs.

Please note that this is still Africa and should you have any special dietary requirements that may be hard to source, please let us know in advance so that we can arrange special food for you.

You can even try our local food, 'Sadza' when joining the children for lunch! Again, should you have special dietary requirements, food will be arranged Daily Activites:

(Monday – Saturday) 7.00am – 9am – Pick up from your accommodation and travel to Rose of Charity Orphanage in Chinotimba, a township in Victoria Falls. Morning activities will include, feeding the children, helping the staff with cleaning the house, preparing breakfasts/lunches, washing etc.

9am-10am – Breakfast We have a spacious area for us all to sit down and enjoy breakfast together. During the warm months, we will be sat out in the gardens but during the rainy season we shall move inside the house!

10am – 12pm – Gardening, helping prepare lunch for the younger children, feeding the babies. Some days we will be taking you to work at some of the local schools in the area. Two of which are Monde Primary School and Jabula Secondary School.

12pm – Lunch We will have lunch at the Lodge. This is your free time until 3.30pm. During this time, you will be able to explore town, book any activities you wish to do on your day off, go to the internet etc. More details of 'what's in town' later on in this information package.

3.30pm – 5.30pm You will be collected in town and taken back to the Orphanage for afternoon duties. These may include helping children with their homework, teaching, playing games, singing, dancing and having some fun! At the end of this session, you will be taken back to your accommodation in town. You will also get the opportunity to travel to a typical African village and experience a bit of real African life!

Sundays Sundays are your days off and you can explore everything has to offer.


Activities in Town:

Famous as being the host to one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, you cannot leave without a visit to the astounding Mosi-oa-Tunya, the 'Smoke That Thunders'! 90% of the year, the spray from the Falls is visible from most areas of town and the thunder can be heard from great distances. As part of your volunteer package, you are able to choose 5 activities to do during your stay. Below are a few ideas for you to choose from.

The Lion Encounter: Walk with African Lions as part of the ALERT Rehabilitation and Release into the Wild Program. You will be working with some of the Lion Encounter's Volunteers whilst on your stay so this is another great activity to get involved in to meet others who will be in a similar situation to you!

White Water Rafting – an activity for the adventurist in you! (Please note that during the height of the Rainy Season, rafting will be closed due to the intensity of the high waters of the river.)

Bungee Jumping or the Gorge Swing – an activity for the lunatic in you!

Chobe Day Trip – A trip into Chobe National Park in Botswana. A chance to see the 'Big Five' in their natural habitat whilst on a morning River Cruise and an afternoon Game Drive. A definite MUST!

Horse Riding – A stunning ride through the Lower Zambezi National Park and the opportunity to see wildlife on horseback!

There are many more activities to be undertaken during your stay in and we can book all of these for you a day or so in advance. All of these can be booked through our tour operators in town.

Eating Out There are a few nice places to eat out in town all of which offer a variety of dishes.

African Hide, Mama Africa and In-Da-Belly are a few to try out. There is also a nice Pizza place in town which will deliver if you fancy a night in with a chance from our food.

The Boma Restaurant is a fantastic experience and we encourage everyone to have a night out here! Enjoy traditional African food in a traditional African environment. Wear 'chitenges', drink our local beer and try all the different game meats under the sun! Follow your dinner with a fortune telling session and a chance to dance and drum with local performers.

There are a few bars/nightclubs in town if you feel like heading out for a night of drinking and dancing,

Connecting to the Ouside World!

There is a great internet café in town that provides fast connection for emailing, skypeing and contacting home.

If you have 'roaming' on your phone, then you should be able to pick up our networks just fine. If your phone is 'unlocked' then you can easily buy a local Sim card for around $2. You can top up easily. Should you have your own laptops, there are various Wi-Fi connections available in town.

Money The currency used in Zimbabwe is the USD$. It is wise to bring as many small denomination notes with you as possible, as finding change isn't always an easy task!

** Make sure you have enough funds with you to pay for your Visa on arrival **

There are a few different banks in which to exchange money, all of which have ATM machines outside. They normally work well, but power shortages are a common occurrence so please be aware of money you may need for a few days in advance. Note: Euros are sometimes hard to exchange

You will be able to use cash or a Visa card to pay for any activities you may want to partake in.

Safety is generally a very safe town, but as in most places in the world, you can never be too careful. It is advisable not to walk by yourself a night time. If you must, please let someone know where you are going.

Taxis are cheap if you wish to use one, but DO NOT get into any unmarked cars or accept lifts from anyone who claim they are taxi drivers.

There are 2 reputable taxi companies we use, The Falls Taxis and Vic Falls City Cabs. We have contact numbers for each one so please ask us. There are many street vendors around and you will probably get asked if you want to buy something every 2 minutes. Be polite and a simple 'no thank you' should suffice.

There are tourism police on most corners in town so if you wish to walk to the markets or anywhere off the main street, please ask them to escort you.

Weather/Seasons and What to Bring: Dry Season – Our hottest months of the year are September and October. Temperatures in October will reach the 45 Deg. Celcius mark so please make sure you bring appropriate clothing for these months!

Nights can be cooler so lightweight long sleeved clothing is advised. During the day, shorts and a T-Shirts are fine to wear. Closed shoes are recommended.

Wet Season – The rains usually start around November time and continue until March/April. Even though it is wet, it is not cold like a European winter so lightweight water proofs are a must. All work will continue as much as possible, but you may have to work in the rain some days. However, with the heat of the day, an afternoon thunderstorm is often quite welcoming!

Cold Season – The colder months are June through August. Mornings and nights are particularly nippy! Please bring warm clothing if you are staying with us during these months. Day time temperatures are usually around 15-20 degrees celcius.

Please also respect the local Zimbabwean cultures. Walking around town in a bikini or very revealing clothing is a no no!

Recommended to bring: • Passport and Tickets! (Hard to forget but you'd be surprised!) • Money • Credit Card • Malaria Medication • Vaccine Bulletin • Hat • Sunscreen • Closed shoes for work • Clothes that you don't mind getting a little dirty… • Appropriate clothing for the time of year you will be staying with us (please, no high heels or short skirts needed during the day in Africa!) • Camera • Mosquito Repellent • A good sense of humor!

Malaria and Diseases: Malaria is prevalent in this part of the world so please make sure you are taking appropriate preventative medication. Your local doctors will be able to prescribe you with the correct drug. Malarone is the most common one used. Also please remember mosquito repellent. The mosquitoes are everywhere in as we are right on the river! Repellent with 'Deet' is advisable. Vaccines advisable for you to have are:

• Tetanus • Cholera • Yellow Fever (if you are planning on crossing into Zambia, you MUST have proof of having had this vaccine) • Hepatitis B

There is a very good private clinic here should you need to see a doctor. Please advise one of your Project Managers if you are feeling ill or feel like you should be seen by a doctor.

Your travel insurance will cover your medical expenses, but please note you will have to pay the clinic at the time of consultation and then redeem your expenses on your return to your home country.

As a final thought - please remember you are travelling to a third world country and although there are a lot of amenities that you will still have, you must be patient. Zimbabwe is prone to power cuts, lack of hot water and things running a little late at times…so please come with an open mind.

We do feel likeis a relatively safe place, however, it is not wise to flash off phones, iPods, cameras, laptops etc. We have a safe for you to put your valuables in should you wish to.

As we say, T.I.A. …This Is Africa… So, we believe that's it!

We wish you a safe and pleasant journey to Zimbabwe and we look forward to meeting you in and welcoming you to Africa!

Warmest Regards from the Team of 'Africa is Yours to Save…'

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