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White Water Rafting

Make a date with the rapids beneath the Batoka Gorge


The “Low Water” Rafting Season runs approximately from the middle of June to the middle of January, depending upon the water level each year this can change as and when levels increase or decrease.

The popularity of the Low Water Rafting run on the Zimbabwean side of the Zambezi River is both due to the opportunity of experiencing the incredible view of the Victoria Falls from the Boiling Pot and the added advantage of a lift out of the gorge at rapid #25

AM HALF DAY – Rapids #1 to #10 returning at approx. 14h00
PM HALF DAY – Rapids #10 to #25 returning at approx. 17h30
FULL DAY – Rapids #1 to #25 returning at approx. 17h30

You will be experiencing the grade five river rafting rapids of the Zambezi river down below the Batoka gorge. Experienced guides will be paddling and on some rapids you flip over which is one of the major experiences. This tour ends with lunch at the top of the gorge.


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