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Enjoy the best Birding Safari in Southern Africa


Our birding Safari occurs along the Zambezi River upstream from the Falls and in the rain forest section of the Victoria Falls National Park.  There is an average of 470 species to be seen in the Victoria Falls area, including some rarities found in few other places in the world. The river is an avian highway cutting through the savanna woodlands on either side of the watercourse. We have a number of experienced birding guides  available – or you can bird on your own. For serious birders looking to add “lifers” to their lists, the Victoria Falls area specialties are illustrated here.

Victoria Falls is one of the best birding locations in southern Africa because of the Zambezi River. The area has been identified by Bird Life International as an important birding area and is a wonderful location for both beginners and experienced birders. The best way to see the most birds is to contract one of our specialist guides who will customize an outing according to local and seasonal conditions.


The best birding time is during the summer rainy season, when there is a profusion of insect life and all the migrant birds are in residence. Swallows and warblers are the most prolific Eurasian migrants while a range of cuckoos migrate to the area from central Africa. Because of the rise in the water table some ground-nesting species leave the area during the wet season.

Common birds along the river include the squadrons of Cape cormorants that fly low over the water, African darters and little egrets. Away from the river, look out for the variety of hornbill species, the fork-tailed drongo and the white-browed sparrow weaver, which is responsible for the conspicuous, round grass nests in the dry woodlands around Victoria Falls. The most commonly-seen large bird is the marabou stork.


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