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An opportunity to encounter Africa’s Big 5

Brief Description

You will be picked up from your Hotel for a Sunset into Night Game Drive which adds a unique dimension to the safari allowing you an opportunity to see scores of game march towards the Nakavango Dam to have their fill just before the sun comes down. After dark, you can catch a glimpse of the shyer animals and see the nocturnal species of Africa come out to feed. The Night Game Drives return to the reception area where a fulfilling Bush Dinner under the stars will complete the evening before returning to town at approximately 9pm. Transport can be arranged back to town immediately after the night drive for those that have alternative dinner arrangements.

Dining is great time to reminisce about the day’s activities and reflect on what you’ve seen, instead of jumping along from highlight to highlight with no breathing room. Dining in the bush-veld is sometimes accompanied by the welcome of some special visitors. The dining experience intensifies with the sounds of the active outdoors. A roar here, a footstep in the distance there – quick, get out the binoculars and a camera.



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