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Walk with Lions

Cost:          $150.00 per person
Departure: 06:30am or 10:00am & 15h30pm

Round Trip: 3 hours total
Includes: Activity and transportation

Age Restrictions – Children below the age of 15 years will, unfortunately, not be able to partake in Lion Walk activity. A Guardian must accompany children between 15 and 18 years of age throughout the trip. A “child seat” has been introduced whereby children under the age of 15 can enjoy a supervised encounter and educational with the younger lions. This seat will take place only during the mid-morning activity. There is also a height limitation of 1.5 metres. Anyone shorter than this will not be permitted to participate in the Lion Encounter.



Guests are picked up from their respective hotel/lodge and transferred to the estate. Upon arrival, tea, coffee and cordials are served – after which the guide will give a short introductory talk on the African Encounter Lion Rehabilitation Program and a brief on all safety aspects. Guests are then taken to a designated area to meet both lions and lion handlers. This is where your Safari begins and will continue for up to one and half hours. Each lion is under the charge of a Handler – the trips are led by a professional Guide, who is armed and carries a first aid kit and hand-held radio. The guide and handlers will answer any questions as well as provide knowledge on lions and the environment in general. The morning Safari ends with a Full English Breakfast on the deck at lion encounter estate reception area. The Mid-morning Safari ends with a good choice of snacks and drinks and the afternoon safari will end with a good choice of snacks and drinks.


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